Harry Drahzal - General Manager

Harry is a sophomore majoring in Information Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell. Working for Hired Hands, Harry is looking forward to serving as General Manager for 2018 by utilizing his background in customer service to benefit company operations. Outside of Student Agencies, Harry is an active member of his fraternity, Sigma Pi, and regularly participates in College Mentors for Kids.


CJ Rhan - General Manager

CJ is a sophomore majoring in Applied Economics and Business Management in the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell. As General Manager of Hired Hands Moving Company, he intends to utilize his background in business management as well as his leadership skills to continue the increasing success of the business. In his free time, CJ is an avid runner, soccer player, and sports fanatic.


Jonah Hutchinson - Director of Operations

Jonah is a sophomore in the School of Hotel Administration pursuing minors in Real Estate and Marketing.  Previously, Jonah has held a number of jobs in the hospitality industry that have furthered his knowledge in business and service.  As Director of Operations for Hired Hands, Jonah is looking to continue learning how to successfully run a full-scale business.  While out of the office, Jonah is actively involved on campus in intramural sports and holds positions in Cornell’s Sigma Pi Fraternity chapter.